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Scorum Draft provides a variety of daily fantasy sports tournament formats. Some tournaments are free to participate, in others you have to pay an entry fee.

If a tournament does not reach the required amount of players before it starts, the tournament will be cancelled and all participation fees will be returned to participants.

After you choose a tournament you want to join, click the ‘Play’ button to get registered and start picking your team.


Every tournament has a salary cap which has to be observed when a squad is picked.

Players pool contains all players that take part in fantasy tournament matches with indications of their positions and salaries.

Scorum Draft player salary is set based on their effectiveness and not connected with real life salaries.

After you have chosen your players for every position without exceeding the salary cap, you can register it for participation in a tournament.


If you participate in paid tournaments, you can win prize money. The amount of the prize is determined by tournament’s structure.

In case of a win, prize money will be automatically transferred to your account after the results of the tournament are announced.



In every tournament participants have to observe the salary cap in order to pick 15 players. Basic salary cap tournament has a budget of 100 М. Points scored by all 15 squad players are counted.

Players pool will comprise players from all teams that play in fantasy tournament matches. Player salaries do not change after a tournament has become available in the lobby.

Players pool and players salaries do not change after the tournament has become available for participants. Individual tournaments cannot contain players from different leagues.

Tournament results and prize rankings are based on the sum of points scored by players of a fantasy-team.

By taking part in a tournament every participant confirms he or she has read the User Agreement and agrees to follow it. Breach of User Agreement conditions may lead to suspension of a participant and, if necessary, prize confiscation.


Points of all 15 squad players are added to the score.

Plays less than 60 min 1 1 1 1
Plays more than 60 min 2 2 2 2
Goal 6 6 5 4
Assist 3 3 3 3
Clean sheet 4 4 1 0
Every 3 saves 1 0 0 0
Penalty saved 5 0 0 0
Penalty missed -2 -2 -2 -2
Every 2 goals conceded -1 -1 0 0
Own goal -2 -2 -2 -2
Yellow card -1 -1 -1 -1
Red card -3 -3 -3 -3



All player positions for daily fantasy tournaments are set by Scorum Draft at its discretion.


In case a planned game was postponed or cancelled for any reason after the start of the tournament that comprised such a game, players of teams whose games were postponed or cancelled do not get points.


Scorum Draft uses statistics, which has all official and completed matches, offered for Scorum Draft leagues. If the game is suspended, only the data received on matchday will be used. Any statistics, received after that will not be used for fantasy points calculation.


Tournament registration finishes 10 minutes before the first game of the tournament. You can amend your team any time before the end of tournament registration. After the deadline all participating teams will be locked and no longer available for amendments.


Online scoring is available in the lobby during the tournament. It is provided for information purpose only and is not official. Official points and results will be published after the end of the tournament when tournament status will change to ‘Completed’. Online scoring is calculated using a standard point system for daily fantasy tournaments.


During every match Scorum Draft receives uninterrupted refreshment of statistics from statistics provider Betradar. After the end of tournaments, Scorum Draft gets the final statistical report which is used to calculate results for every tournament. Nevertheless, Leagues and statistics provider can in some cases reconsider final results after the final statistical report has been sent. In this case fantasy points correction for Scorum Draft players will not be made. Please note that this is not the case when amendments are made for result corrections in case of mistakes or problems with statistical data transmission. In such situations results of tournaments in some cases can be canceled and recalculated.


Scorum Draft announces final results of the tournament 5 hours after the end of the last match of the tournament to guarantee the accuracy of the final results. Data in the final statistical report can be different from online scoring data which can be seen by participants of the tournament during the game. In these cases payments are made according to the data of the final statistical report. If Leagues and statistics provider make any amendments to statistical data after the end of tournaments and prize payments, payments will not be cancelled or recalculated. In cases where difficulties with official results or scoring problems arise, tournaments results can be published the next day or at the moment when the final statistical report is received.


For cases when the player transfers from another team after the tournament is created:

  • If the old and the new teams of the player are in the same draft group for this date, the new team of the player will be shown in the lobby, and he will have the right to score points.
  • If the old and the new team of the player are in different draft groups for this date, the player will be shown in the squad of the old team and will not have the right to earn points. In this case the transferred player will be marked in the lobby as missing (M).

Draft group is a group of games that can be included into the results of scoring for tournaments. At Scorum Draft several groups can be available for the same day. For example, simultaneously in one day one draft group can be offered which includes all matches of the day, and a draft group including incomplete match sets.